Hey, I'm Amy Ashe!

and I am a Northern Irish based artist who specialises in painting, illustrating and graphic recording. I love to add a splash of colour to the world that we live in. You will soon see this through the use of vibrant colours in my paintings and illustrations. I am passionate about creating art that inspires, makes people smile and adds positivity to life.

I love to use a range of mediums within my paintings including acrylic, watercolour and sometimes pen for that finer detail. When I paint cityscapes, landscapes, animals, I endeavour to capture a moment in time, the atmosphere, the emotion and the character. For me, this is what really brings art to life.

I am a firm believer on keeping things straightforward, why over complicate things? This was my reason for becoming a Graphic Recorder. Graphic Recording provides me with an opportunity to capture complex information through the use of illustrations that people can relate to and understand with ease. I can come along to your online event, conference, workshop or team meeting and visually capture key themes and messages.